3 Years of Scope Sessions Party – August 1st

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SCOPE SESSIONS celebrates its 3rd B-Day and we wanna celebrate with YOU!

In summer 2011 we, a bunch of friends who met at the video art association VC VisualBerlin, had the idea to create an open platform for meeting, learning, exchanging and inspiring on audio visual arts and new media. Then, on July 7th in 2011 we started with the 1st Scope Session at Atelier Überall (today: Atelier Äuglein) in Kreuzberg. Some sessions later and due to a growing audience we had to find a bigger location to present the talks. Super happy about our new host, we continued in early spring of 2012 at NK in Alt-Treptow and moved again in summer 2012 to Panke Culture in Wedding.

After 34 sessions and more than 130 speakers we now want to celebrate this amazing adventure with all our previous speakers, hosts and supporters, friends, colleagues and beloved ones.

We´d love to see you there!
yours Aude, Flux, Christian, Mo, Alex & Eklis

FRIDAY, August 1st 2014
10 pm

// with smooth beats by Highnez & Jürgen Ratan (BeatBude / Berlin)
>> listen here at BeatBude Soundcloud

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scope #34 – july 10th

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Miller Puckette – How to have fun with a six channel guitar pickup

Miller Puckette is best known as the author of the Max/MSP and Pure Data software environments, which are widely used in electronic music and the electronic arts. He usually teaches music at the University of California, San Diego, but is now a guest professor at TU Berlin. He performs with the Convolution Brothers and in a duo with the singer Juliana Snapper.

Puckette demonstrates what happens when you put individual pickup coils on each string of your guitar, opening up a wide range of sonic possibilities beyond what you can get out of an ordinary pickup. Techniques like filtering and distortion can be applied to the signals before they’re mixed. This makes it possible to get results that are both rich sounding and precisely controllable. The software to do this is open source, free to download.




Quadrature is a group of three former designers who combine their very specific personal skills to create complex systems for highly technolgical installations.
Jan Bernstein concentrates on the creative implementation of physical and functional aspects into Quadrature’s work. His substantial practical expertise fertilizes his artistic research in materials and fine mechanics. Influenced by his specialty, Jan’s creative approach is concentrated and structured, keeping every detail in mind in order to formulate the ideal aesthetic and conceptional expression.
Sebastian Neitsch rather employs experimental and assiociative methods in order to achieve innovative and intuitiv systems and thoughts for Quadrature’s conceptual and artistic vision.While his focus is on the digital world – including everything concerning code, electronics and new technologies – he considers teamwork and communication as the perfect source to generate creative output and solutions.
Juliane Götz: is the latest member of Quadrature and fills the missing link between hardware based pragmatism and digital utopics in Quadrature’s projects. Her design and handcraft skills as fashion designer are combined with the abiltiy to quickly understand and implement new dynamic workflows and structures into the group. They all share a love for machines and outer space.

After introducing themselves and their work, they will focus on the problems for media artists to be part of the traditional gallery-marked in the art business. Even so a lot of Art projects, which use modern technology and try to bring it into a different not consumer-based context, are quite successful, a lot of them are being displayed only in festivals or as digital copies in the internet, rather then being shown in privat galleries. This implements that the creators make a living either from grants, teaching, very small fees or they finance their free art work with client-based commissions. The reasons for this are manifold. A lot of projects are technical experiments on a larger scale, which can hardly be sold as an peace of art that the client could simply place or even hang in his home. Another reason is the fact that a lot of Media Artists rather work on a very conceptual level, creating work that is either only excisting in digital form,very much created for certain spaces or react to certain appearings of modern society. So whenever you would take this projects out of their context they would not make any sense at all.

LOOP from Quadrature on Vimeo.


Bruno Bez – From a visual journey into another dimension

Born in the beautiful island Florianópolis, south of Brazil, visualist Bruno Bez began his career through new media creations around boardsports since 15 years old. His first films and productions focused on enhancing the appeal over environment, boardsports and artistic themes.

Since then he is diving deeper into handling audiovisual techniques as Vj and Filmaker with an accurate optic sense in order to introduce an immersive thematic presented by an hybrid reality and multiple means.

The direction and concepts depend strongly of the place and time, in each one of this corners, everything looks dramatically different surfing between glitches, fractal formulas and open source tools and several collab with others authentic artists.

Probably known mostly about his former old project called “Jonnyzeb” as surf movie producer, Bruno Bez has released a series of experimental boardsports movies with a good dose of imagination and a ludic taste from Brazil around the world.

Traveling, filming and producing in extreme places, Bez have being learning with his perspective inside of this creative universe doing visuals in your own way to express yourself.


scope #33 – june 12th

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Wolfgang Spahn – VGA-Hacking or Materiality in a Digital World

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations, videos, projections, and miniature-slide-paintings. He studied mathematics and sociology in Regensburg and Berlin. He currently teaches at the BBK-Berlin, Medienwerkstatt and is associated lecturer at the University of Paderborn, department of art.

Name Yun Pike is known for manipulating a TV set with a magnet. One might think that after we abandoned monitor tubes the combination of TV and magnetism is gone as well. But similar is still possible today by manipulating the monitor signal.
The fact that VGA is a signal based on electric current allows for hacking. One can manipulate it with coils and magnetic fields. The signal being similiar to sound signals makes for an easy transfer to sound and vice versa.
Wolfgang Spahn uses these possibilities in his artwork and media performances in order to merge sound and visuals. Digital is not always virtual. It is sometimes real, too.



Richard Tuohy – Dot Matrix: A strategy for direct film

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Richard Tuohy was an active member of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group. He suspended his work in film for several years, studying philosophy, music and botany, before returning to the medium in 2005. Since then he has created almost 40 films, first on Super 8 and more recently on 16mm. His films have screened at venues including the Melbourne IFF, EMAF (Osnabruck), Rotterdam IFF, New York Film Festival and Media City and he has toured Europe and North America presenting solo programs of his work. His films are part of the ‘hand-made’ film tradition. His films to date have shown two principal concerns: a fascination with abstractions from nature and with the materialist film tradition. His films are typically highly structured and formalist. As well as running the only lab for small gauge film in Australia – the artist-run lab nanolab – Richard was also one of the founding directors of the Australian International Experimental Film Festival. He is also the convener of the Artist Film Workshop – an artist run laboratory and screening initiative in Melbourne.

After a brief contextualising introduction, Richard will perform two 16mm projector expanded cinema piece Dot Matrix (2013, 16 minutes) and will then give an account of the works origins and proceedure for its creation. He will contrast this film with two earlier works of his – Flyscreen and Dot Matrix. Richard will also endevour to give a brief account of the place of Dot Matrix in the structuralist film tradition.

richard_dot matrix 2 300dpi



Ercan Engin Kuruoglu – Making the Picture of the Early Universe

Ercan is an information scientist born in Turkey. He received his PhD degree from Cambridge in 1998 on information engineering. Upon graduation, he worked in Xerox Research Center, Cambridge in the Collaborative Multimedia Systems group and then in INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France. He currently holds a permanent senior researcher position in Italian National Research Council, CNR, Pisa and is an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics. His research interests are in signal processing and information theory with applications in image processing, telecommunications, astronomy and genetics. He is also the Editor in Chief of Digital Signal Processing: a Review Journal. He held visiting Professor positions in Georgia Tech Shanghai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Izmir Institute of Technology.

This talk will summarise the efforts to make a picture of the universe just after big bang. We will intorduce the big bang theory, the satellite missions to measure cosmic microwave radiation and how we utilized the Information Theory of Shannon to obtain the earliest picture of the universe. We hope that these images will be inspiring for the audience for their own creative work.



scope #32 – may 8th

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James Cui – VJ Fader – Breaking the Screen

Fader is a visual artist who works with multimedia in a variety of disciplines. From video mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage design to art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences around the world. He has exhibited at numerous festivals such as Coachella (Indio), Burningman (Black Rock City), Insomniac Events (Los Angeles), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) and the Mapping Festival (Geneva).

“I will discuss how my work have progressed into areas such as video mapping and stage design in the past 10 years. My presentation will focus on the deconstruction of the rectangular video screen where the form is just as important as the content.”


Bildpeter – Conquering the world though Art & Science

Peter Kolski grew up in the environment, which seems to leave no other choice than becoming an artist. In Berlin. The fascination of a digital world led him start programming computer games. To investigate the depth of the universe, he studied physics.
First steps in the art world from 2001 with visuals installations and live visual shows as VJ to live music. The VJ work was performed internationally in widely renown night clubs. Bildpeter played in multiple bands as live visualist to support the bands music experience.

His talk will give an overview of the three main fields of BildPeter’s work: digital art, film/photography and science.


Lichtpiraten – Make Love Not Art

Lichtpiraten is a Berlin based pioneering visual artist collective since a decade. Their aim is to create new rooms,
imagine other dimensions and to find inspiring new ways to pirate the world.. Welcome into the World of Shadow and Light!

A focus of their talk will be their new visual-dome-software OMNIDOME and what its capable of!


scope #31 – april 10th

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We are happy about our last session at B-Seite Festival Mannheim, where we got hosted in an amazing venue, club cinema style. Thanks so much again!

Still we are running a bit late to announce our upcoming, already 31st session!!!
This time we are back at the lovely riverside of Panke and will present you:


Guruguru Kun – VJ Chuuu

Chuuu is a painter, vj and live performer. He grew up in Kyoto, Japan, and graduated at the Kyoto Seika University, that is well known for its faculties for manga and anime. After moving to Berlin he got involved in more action based art practices. As a VJ he got famous for his elaborate visual animations turning on the vinyl player, telling handdrawn stories. In fact a very traditional way and once pioneering discovery for moving images – so called Phenakistoscope.

Chuuu recently works on the intersection of noise music and live drawings.
In his talk, we will give some close-ups to art practices.
Follow him on his blog: chuuu.hateblo.jp


Mahir Duman

Mahir Duman is a visual artist born in Ordu, Turkey. He studied in Istanbul and lives and works in Berlin since 2011. As a VJ, Mahir is doing interactive live performances and installations for clubs, special events and art galleries. He works with video, short film, music clips and lots of different media sets, mixed and synchronized with sound and the rhythm of action. He describes his imagery as unrealistic and surreal, that question human perception and the interplay between subjects.
Mahir Dunam



In May 2010 “trashpuzzle” was born. Their aim was to entertain people on a party by performing a handmade live-collage, that was projected on a wall. They used an old technology – episcope and a little transport band to let the pictures move automatically. The effect was fantastic. The dancefloor turned into a colorful carpet made of our pictures. People were fascinated with their spontaneous creations. Some even joined their session.

During three years Trashpuzzle developed. New people joined the group, equipment has evolved and they gave dozens of shows in clubs around Berlin and other cities. Antique episcope has been replaced by beamer. The transport band is filmed by a live mix of two cameras that are hidden in a black box. And the group expanded to five members, who are pushing the idea forward and have a lot of fun.


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