Transmediale Vorspiel – Scope AV Performances – 25th of January 2014

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Please join us on Saturday 25th for another special evening of audio-visual performances as part of the Transmediale Vorspiel. We have a line-up of outstanding visual artist, musicians and DJ’s.

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Nitzsche & Hummel. A young artist collective in a multi-disciplinary experiment… live performed electronic music, contemporary dance and hand-made projections go together on a journey of discovery.
Maybe the shadow-machines fight the dancers again and the band plays a techno track.
Or a couple is carried into a green sunset by a cinematic string section.
The interplay of music, motion and visuals forms surreal worlds and surprises with new perspectives.


Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf & Suckmafinger invite you to the premiere of their joint program called New Nature. This will also be the live debut of Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf. The artists, while trying to answer a question How will the future sound?, have been listening to Einstuerzende Neubauten and grime, while taking a conceptual look at the hyper-real sound of Hollywood movies and videogames. Taking in mind the ideas of New Aesthetics and Next Nature, they are preparing their listener (and viewer) to the unavoidable merge of virtual and real words.


Tarik Barri feat. Lea Fabrikant (NL/LV) – Versum

Tarik Barri is a traveller in audiovisual space. He created a synaesthetic universe where you listen to the light and watch the sound. In his live performances, he takes the audience on a mind-bending journey through ever-evolving constellations of beating, singing and dancing stars, shapes and patterns – making music literally ‘on the fly’ while freely navigating and exploring his own three-dimensional creations. His journey at Transmediale Vorspiel will feature live vocals and visuals from performer Lea Fabrikant. In addition to his solo work, Tarik also works as a purely visual artist, collaborating with musicians such as Atoms For Peace, Nicolas Jaar or Monolake for their live shows. His audiovisual debut album will be released later this year.


Pussykrew (Tikul and Jendrek aka mi$ gogo) is Berlin based multimedia-artist-duo, exploring areas of live audio-visual performance / video installations / DIY electronics. Started in 2004 with hacked vhs players, now using both ‘traditional’ and custom made tools and patches, Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh, liquid apocalyptic dysphoria and some 3d fantasy shuffle. They merge the erotic and the ethereal of sterile cinematic poetry, mixing maximalist sensations of glitch with minimalist destructiveness. Pussykrew had a pleasure to work with : Leila (Warp Records), HTRK ( Work tour 2011, Ghostly International ), Raime ( Blackest Ever Black ), Oni Ayhun amongst others and presented their works on many events around the globe.


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