July 07th, 2011

  • mapping
  • photography
  • Software
  • glitch
  • QuartzComposer

Arran Hearn /

Australian designer and artist Arran Hearn showcased his video-mapping work titled “isometric cubes” and Julien Bach of Atelier Überall presented a whole workflow for mapping onto them, with both 2D & 3D templates.


Aude Françoise /

Aude Françoise video artist working on a project of argentic black and white fotography with long exposure, exploring the metamorphosis of the body acting with white elements…


Pixelnoizz /

Media artist and programmer David Szauder aka. pixelnoizz presented his QuartzComposer based tool “get control”. This was the first public presentation of the software as proof of concept that will show live video sequencing and frame manipulation with a drawing tablet and further aspects (live effecting, glitching and more).