August 18th, 2011

  • Design
  • Research
  • Game
  • Programming
  • Dance
  • Performance
  • VJ

Willy Sengewald /

About Willy Sengewald

Willy Sengewald: Design is generally perceived as a way of enhancing the existing normal. However, it has the potential to propose an alternative to our everyday reality by depicting something unimagined, something absurd or impossible. What is the adequate mode of practice for this intend?


Talk's Video

David Croft /

David Croft will be introducing a project to create a wall art installation that dynamically and fluidly interacts with the viewers by monitoring the position of their bodies to give a natural-feeling experience. He’ll describe the theory behind the hardware, give an overview of the software, and introduce the open source toolkit he’s releasing to allow visual artists to develop their own projects using Processing.

About David Croft

David is an Berlin-based independent game developer, computer programmer, network engineer, and electronics tinkerer and describes himself as an “all-round geek without a purpose”.


Eric Dunlap /

Movement and Video Artist Eric Dunlap will discuss his work creating dance and video pieces, producing VJs, and construction audience interactive video installations.

About Eric Dunlap

A twenty four year veteran of the performing arts, Eric has worked as a dancer with the Nikolais/Louis Dance Company, the Metropolitan Opera, and many other modern dance companies in New York CIty. Eric is founding member of NYC based arts organization Forward Motion Theater and has collaborated for fifteen years with media artist Holly Daggers. Together they created interdisciplinary performance pieces, produced the EyeWash VJ series, created interactives for the Museum of Modern Art, and performed as VJs for many musical artists ranging from James Brown to Animal Collective.


Talk's Video