November 17th, 2011

  • Performance
  • Painting
  • Research
  • Collaboration

Tetsuya Hori and Yurie Ido /

Tetsuya Hori and Yurie Ido will present their video performance “dead” and explain their collaborative work.

About Tetsuya Hori and Yurie Ido

Yurei Ido is a performance artist and a painter. She was born in Japan and since 2003 she lives and works in Berlin. She visualises her dreams. Her body and her movement are also incorporated as a part of the embodied fiction. The pieces of Tetsuya Hori do not have a concept. that is the concept. The concept develops in the head of the listener. Hori composes not only for instruments, but for things. Each piece is different. Every time. He want to show the listener nonsense. Interesting nonsense.

Artist video

Larissa Wunderlich / SYNÆSTHESIA!

'This project will be the master thesis for my studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Since I’m a synesthete myself, synesthesia is a topic that is present in my life for many years. The idea of involving this topic into my work first came to my mind about three years ago. It developed and grew over the years and finally I will have the opportunity to realise it. Synesthesia isn’t just one weird way of seeing, hearing or smelling the world around us. Every synesthete has his very own way of experiencing a colourful or somehow exciting world. This is the point where my project focuses on. The diversity of experiencing synesthesia. To show this diversity I want to initiate a varity of works. I want to bring together a bunch of artist (preferably non-synesthetes) with synesthetes. The output can be any kind of artwork or media installation visualising a very specific and subjective version of synesthesia. The process of working together will bring up many questions. Questions that can lead to anwsers presented to the visitors or questions raised and still left unanswered to the public.'

Artist video