January 10th, 2012

  • Performance
  • Illustration
  • VVVV

Andreas Karaoulanis /

A technique that can be used in various forms, from live dj ing to theater and dance performances. Software used VDMX ,a firewire camera plus lots of white A3 papers, black markers!

About Andreas Karaoulanis

Andreas Karaoulanis comes from illustration and Computer Science background. His current work deals with interactive media illustration and animation. In the scope session he will present a way to creating visuals from hand made sketches and images, basically from scratch. Simple real time drawings can create some very interesting effects that later can be evolved to more complex and artistic results without any need of code. (Maybe a few Quartz Composer patches already built).

Artist video

Christoph Rittweger /

About Christoph Rittweger

Christoph Rittweger will talk a little about “VVVV” and the stuff he made with it and if you are interested he can give an introduction on how to work with “VVVV”, so bring your books and/or a windows-emulator if mac and download “VVVV” at http://vvvv.org/downloads.