March 08th, 2012

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Konkreet Labs /

In their presentation Shai Levy and Marc Tiedemann will give a live performance of their app, talk about its development through the many stages of conceptualizing, researching and creating and will share their thoughts on the pros and cons of using a touch-screen a creative medium.

About Konkreet Labs

Konkreet Labs, a collaboration of Gwydion ap Dafydd, Shai Levy and Marc Tiedemann, was formed with a mission to create innovative music instruments for touch-screen devices. “Performer”, a visual music control instrument for the iPad is the main result. Throughout its one year of existence “Performer” has managed to draw the attention of professional and aspiring musicians alike, has been touring the biggest clubs in the world as weapon of choice for Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin and keeps inspiring recording artists in their studios and on stage.

Artist video

Reynold Reynolds /

During his presentation Reynold will show works made in his Berlin studio (Six Apartments) and some older works from his collaborations in New York with Patrick Jolley (The Drowning Room).

About Reynold Reynolds

Reynold Reynolds is an award winning experimental film maker and visual artist with a background in physics. Originally from Alaska he now lives and works in Berlin. Influenced early on by philosophy and science, and working primarily with 16mm as an art medium, he has developed a film grammar based on transformation, consumption and decay. Detailed evolving symbols and allusive references create a powerful pictorial language based on Reynolds’ analytical point of view. His depiction of people often makes us aware of the small frames we use to understand reality. By subtly altering the regular conditions of life and watching their effects, he transfers the experimental methods of science to film making, where he frames reality in his laboratory and changes one variable at a time to reveal an underlying causality.

Artist video

Pikilipita /

When mixing with these tools instead of your usual laptop, the performer can be much closer to the audience, creating a totally new experience both for the artist and the performer. At scopesession clement will demonstrate how this works using two of his newest pieces of software: PS24VJ with runs on the Playstation 2, and Super Pikix for the Caanoo console.

About Pikilipita

Pikilipita aka Clément Cordier is a video artist, designer, programmer and all-round genius. Born in France, working in UK, but in Poland most of the time, he not only creates VJ content but also develops his own console software to perform his visual mixes on. So far he has made VJ applications for the Game Boy Advance, Playstation 2, a number of mobile phones, and other cheap multimedia devices.