September 13th, 2012

  • Performance
  • Interactive
  • Software
  • Photography
  • Performance
  • Sound

Mark Coniglio / The Past and Future of Technology & Performance

Media artist, composer and programmer Mark Coniglio will present an artist talk that combines an overview of the history of interactive/media-intensive performance with a consideration of how to take keep this work meaningful in the future.

About Mark Coniglio

Mark Coniglio is an award-winning artist, acknowledged pioneer of the interactive performance scene, and co-founder of Troika Ranch (http://troikaranch.org). His work has been seen on stages throughout America and Europe to critical and public acclaim. He has recently been nominated for the World Technology Award 2012, and has received a both a New York Dance and Performance (“Bessie”) Award and a prize at Prix Ars Electronica. He is also the creator of Isadora (http://troikatronix.com/), a software tool that facilitates the creation of interactive performance. Isadora has been used an essential creative tool by thousands of artists worldwide.


Talk's Video

Adam Magyar / Scripted Rhymes

Seemingly, state of the art devices give you everything you need for completing your photography projects. But what if the image you have in mind demands even more and you need to reach for fields outside photography? In Scripted Rhymes, imagemaker Adam Magyar tells the story of his journey down this road and intends to inspire the audience to think outside the box when working on a project. He aims to present that unusual combinations of hardware and software may reward you with the image you have in mind.

About Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar (born 1971) is a Berlin-based Hungarian photographic artist. He is captivated by high-tech cities and man choosing to live an urban life. Magyar depicts the synergies of man and the city, and embraces the city as home to both man and technology. With each of his series, he observes time flowing by and life pulsating in front of his eyes. In his works, he scrutinizes the transience of life and man’s inherent urge to leave some trace behind. Magyar is ready to combine conventional techniques like the slit cam with readily available devices like a scanner and merge the two into a camera by a program he himself has written to be able to produce his unique cityscapes. His works have been exhibited in several solo and group shows internationally, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong.


Berlan Allee / ”BERLAN ALLEE” Radio Show & ”SAROSEDA Collective

Next, Arash Salehi the founder of SAROSEDA will briefly present their collective. SAROSEDA is a digital art collective which tries to reach new forms and concepts in Iranian Contemporary Art scene by introducing the potential of collaboration between different disciplines in the shape of organizing workshops and jammings of computer based artists.

About Berlan Allee

The Iranian Audio-Visual duo from Tehran based in Berlin/Germany started working since 2011. Pharaz (Born 1987/Tehran) is a photographer and Visual Artist. Iman ( Born 1985/Tehran) is a music producer since 2008. They will present their weekly radio show “‘BERLAN ALLEE” which will be live starting September 2012 through INeed Radio Funkhaus which is already up and running. INeed Radio Funkhaus is situated in Berlin at Funkhaus- Grünau.The main idea of Berlan Allee is to focus on Electronic and Experimental music scene of Iranian artists all around the world , inside and outside Iran.


Talk's Video