February 21st, 2013

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Vanessa Ramos-Velazquez /

She is currently collaborating with legendary electronic musician/producer A Guy Called Gerald for her interactive performance Coded Narratives, and with sound artist Derek Holzer will debut her live videomicrography performance.

About Vanessa Ramos-Velazquez

Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez is an interdisciplinary artist, multimedia specialist, and researcher from Brazil and the U.S., and currently based in Berlin. A Fulbright scholar at the University of Kansas, she pioneered a special program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Art, Design, Video & Film and Choreography. Her transmedia experiments led her to develop an artistic practice in performance art, installation, videoart, videodance and cameraless films. As a choreography student of the late Labanotation expert Janet Hamburg, she danced with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company.

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Geso /

Geso is the moniker he uses for his most personal and experimental work, specially focused in video-art and visual performances. His videos are a combination of glitches, geometric graphics, landscapes and images from nature, evoking a short of lost paradise or residual image from a better world. The concepts that often dominate his work are related to different levels of communication and its paradoxes, the digital language and errors, usually revealing a connection with different aspects from human conscience and spirituality, like altered states of mind.

About Geso

Also known as Pablo IA, is an active/creative mind involved in different art and design fields. As graphic designer and art director for his own studio GeeOhDee, as artist exhibiting his work in galleries and festivals (previously in collaboraton with his brother, Javier IA), as Dj, Vj and promotor of electronic music events and of course, as publisher and curator for his main project: Belio Magazine, an art publishing house and organization who runs exhibitions, concerts, festivals, conferences and workshops, apart of publishing magazines and books since 1999. Pablo IA actually lives and works in Berlin.

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Alex Haw /

His work, which spans the scales from buildings to installations, masterplans to furniture, seeks a synthesis of mind & body – creating meaningful, pleasurable, enduring and immersive experiences. Much of his work involves cutting-edge fabrication technologies and digital mapping, exploring the connectivity of people to their precise place in the world.

About Alex Haw

Alex will present a series of atmos projects that explore optical space, architectural interactivity, participatory surveillance and 4-dimensional interactivity – all at breakneck speed, with 1000s of slides. Alex Haw is director of the award-winning UK art/architecture practice atmos


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