March 14th, 2013

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Aude Rose /

Aude Francois also called Aude Rrose is multi-disciplinary artist living between Paris and Berlin, working with performance, photography, sound and live video. She regularly presents her video performances in international festivals. Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology. Her performances articulate live scenography protocols integrating video as an environment medium, often using real-time camera feedback, considering the black box as a possible oneiric space, where sounds and images communicate in a poetic and narrative journey.

About Aude Rose

Aude Rose has developed several successful collaborations with international acoustic and electronic musicians, sound and video programmers, producing series of audio-visual performances where she manipulates time and images in evolving structures.

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Mey Lean Kronemann & David Sanz Kirbis /

David and Mey are currently working on their project Tower of Babel, an emergent robotic sculpture that builds itself. A pack of small, autonomous robots is trying to climb on top of each other in order to form a tower. At some point, the tower gets too high and the robots fall down. This project is supported by Fundacion Telefonica’s VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards.

About Mey Lean Kronemann & David Sanz Kirbis

Mey Lean Kronemann is a media artist from Berlin with a passion for robotics and emergent behaviour. Her works have been internationally exhibited and presented at media art festivals and conferences, and were awarded by Digital Sparks (Honorary Mention, 2008), Japan Media Arts Festival (Jury Selection Work, 2011) and Art of Engineering (prize award, 2012). Mey has studied Interaction Design in Malmo, Sweden, and Product/Interface Design in Potsdam, Germany, where she graduated in 2009, and was a research fellow in 2010. David Sanz Kirbis is a multidisciplinary experimenter interested in how things work and in finding creative solutions to technical projects. He is currently working as researcher towards a PhD in the field of Art and Technology at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. With an eclectic background as computer technician, product design engineer, and independent filmmaker he is interested in design, mechanics, electronics, programming, robotics, philosophy and photography. David was recently hosted as fellow of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, directed by Golan Levin, at the Carnegie Mellon University.


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