November 12th, 2015

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MXZEHN / Small Town - Big Screen / Live Video Performance from Weimar

In the talk Stefan Kraus will talk about his journey as a VJ, starting out with networks of analogue devices, taking VJing to the University, entering the digital realm with MXWendler, discovering videomapping and finally building live AV performances with TouchDesigner. Analogue VJing, Early Digital VJing, Videomapping, Interfaces, MXWendler, TouchDesigner, Improvisation, Weimar.


Stefan Kraus (* June, 11th 1974) is a German artist and director who's work is centered around audiovisual performance and augmented reality. Stefan lives and works in Weimar, Germany. Since 1999 the studied architect devoted himself to the artistic fusion of media and space. As MXZEHN (formerly a collective) he presents his work at festivals and exhibitions all over Europe. At Bauhaus-University Weimar he has been teaching and researching in digitally augmented artistic performance. In 2009 he produced his first architectural projection mapping in celebration of the Bauhaus' 90th birthday on the German National Theater in Weimar. In 2012 he co-founded the international Genius Loci Weimar festival for audiovisual projection mapping which is happening with growing success. For the German National Theater Stefan performed audiovisual concerts with MXZEHN and the musicians Filip Hiemann and Marc Sauter. In his work Stefan blurs the boundaries between art, design, media and architecture to create an immersive Gesamtkunstwerk. He is a chairman to the Bauhaus Transfer Center and is teaching as an assistant professor at Bauhaus Universitiy design faculty in the summer of 2015.

Artist video

MF / Fractal as an effective approach to sound generation

What is additive synthesis, how fractal makes sound generation an effective and organic process, what tools are involved in the initial stage of ideation & prototyping the device, brief demo of Polyphylla.

About MF

A music software developer, interest in finding new ways to create sophisticated and unconventional sound


Sebastian Arnold / Senode: Music from Finite State Machines

Sebastian uses his drum kit to interact with melodies and sequencer patterns. To be able to access music through the drum sticks, he developed Senode, a tool for non-linear composition and performance. The outcome is a graph-based representation for music that can be interpreted by a computer and leaves room for spontaneous transformations.

About Sebastian Arnold

Sebastian Arnold is a drummer, sound artist and multi-instrumental performer based in Berlin. He has a strong background in computer science, but is also heavily affected by improvised music and club culture. In his works, he explores the intersections between traditional playing styles and electronic dance music. He is best known for his solo performances on drums and synthesizers that have solidified as a sort of futuristic one-man-band with international perception and three album releases on his own label beeah-music. Besides his live concerts, he is working on the generative „Senode“ sequencer and likes to talk about his concepts for interactive music and technical realization of adventurous ideas.