June 24th, 2016

  • Cooking Performance
  • Patching
  • AV Performance

Kasia Justka / Singing kitchen

audio-visual feeding performance smelly sounds / cooking / diy circuits / modular synth kitchen

About Kasia Justka

Kasia Justka is a Polish multimedia artist based in Berlin. Her work capitalizes on her obsessions with the medium of electricity and weird organic sounds. Her art can be seen as invocations to the vast power inherent within electronic systems and networks. With this conceptual frame in mind Kasia fashions a dynamic order and form from primitive entropy. Using light, sound images and objects as her tools, her intuitive and analogue based performances have led to collaborations with theaters, galleries, fashion designers, artists and festivals, including Electrovision London, Transvisualia, Free Form Festival, CynetArt_08, Unsound Festival, Piksel in Norway, Warsaw Electronic Festival, gallery Zacheta, WRO Bienale, TR Warszawa, Volksbuhne and others.


Mirko Petrovich / NONLINEAR (Random Walk)

Audiovisual improvisation driven by feedback, feedforward and open-loop systems. 'NONLINEAR' performance is an attempt to tame a chaotic system based in custom analog/digital hardware, code and video synthesis to attain a symbiotic behavior between gesture, image and sound.

About Mirko Petrovich

Born in Osorno, Chile. Programming computer music systems since 1995. Interactive designer for dance, theater (Teatrocinema), installations (Expo Shanghai 2010) and educational software (PicaLab). Currently based in Berlin.


Nenad Popov / Sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea

Audio-visual performance, ~20min, single channel video and stereo sound, analog synths.A tension between synthetic and natural. Algorithm struggles to keep up with the reality of turbulent sea in the video slowed down to the extreme of perception.

About Nenad Popov

Nenad Popov is a media anarchist focusing mostly on live cinema pieces, sound installations, film installations, weird sound making contraptions and creative coding. He performed at the festivals like Dis-Patch, TodaysArt, Ars Electronica and STATE experience science. His latest research topics are possibilities of collaborating with non-human entities.