November 10th, 2016

  • Film

Kasumi / Movie screening: Shockwaves

SHOCKWAVES is a 80 minute film that depicts a man’s subconscious mind in the the moments before his death, exploring the formation of our memory and collective consciousness. The media artist Kasumi deploys an astonishing 25,000 public domain film samples, rotoscoped and live action film clips, dance choreography, animation and stunning sound design to produce a brilliant, darkly madcap, grotesque, beautiful and transcendent remix of signs, gestures, and actions that underlie meaning within a culture saturated by moving pictures. As a 'dazzling metaphorical zeitgeist story', SHOCKWAVES expresses what film until now has not been able to. It is a genuinely new and original cinematic language that goes beyond images, entering intravenously into our visceral understanding. The liquid blood of cinema. The screening will be followed by a live conversation with the artist.

About Kasumi

Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow, is recognized worldwide for her accomplishments as a filmmaker, visual artist, musician, writer and performer. She creates immersive media art experiences that explore the formation of memory and our collective consciousness. Through the synthesis of film, video, sound, animation and live performance she has developed a unique language that resembles the stream of subconscious connections making up human perception.