November 9th, 2017

  • Design
  • Space
  • Virtual realities

Florence To / Performative Space + Design Relationships

As an artist working in various mediums, Florence will give a presentation on how her visual process and objective thinking within design, space and performance guides the psychological development of her work.

About Florence To

Art Director and Installation Artist Florence To merged her skills into digital technologies in 2011, designing and performing audiovisual installations after completing a Masters in Design at The Glasgow School of Art, studying and working in textiles and as a tailor for 8 years. To originally developed her installation work in underground and disused spaces using its defects as an advantage. Through working in these spaces guided her research further into psychology and emotional triggers within vibrations. To’s intention is to explore the effects of experience within space through researching the creation of the physical presence within vibrations, and how different sensory arrangements can create an emotional and psychological impact. The Scottish born artist has performed audiovisual projects within Europe and the States, also previously doing residencies at the Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT] in Montreal, 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, and most recent installation EOAN was realized by the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC) which was first shown in Belgrade in 2017. She is currently part of a creative fellowship with the DCN (Department of Clinical Neuroscience) in Edinburgh.

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Cristina Tarquini / A vision into the invisible

Cristina will discuss her practice, inspiration and processes in the realm of Art Direction and Media Arts with a focus on virtual realities, robotics and characterisation.

About Cristina Tarquini

Cristina Tarquini is a Media Artist and Art Director, working at the intersection between art and technology, with a focus on real time graphics, virtual reality and robotic movements. She studied at Central Saint Martins in London, UK and participated at workshops at The Barlett - Interactive Architecture Lab. She worked with studios such as Marshmallow Laser Feast, Field, Waltz Binaire, Dazzle Ship, Meso and Studio Hansa. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries, among which Somerset House, in London, Barcelona and Milan.

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