June 15th, 2018

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Mila Chiral and Optic Veil / MYRIADS OF MEMORIES - Live AV session

'Myriads of Memories' is the audiovisual performance by Mila Chiral and Optic Veil to explore a feeling of fleeting memories. Audio recordings of a clarinet meet analogue synthesizers and digitally produced sounds in a four-dimensional arrangement. The visual element, created with analog video hardware, breathes together with the music. The result is a dreamy science fiction fairy tale, where each aspect of the whole complements each other.

About Mila Chiral and Optic Veil

Mila Chiral is a Berlin-based dancer-choreographer and electronic musician and DJ, who works in composing sounds and poetry as well as bodies and movements in time and space. Her music is colorful, multi-layered and four-dimensional. Sounds and poetry create clear rhythmical patterns, repetitive or accentuated – always longing for moving bodies in the spaces and ambience she creates. Referring to chirality in three-dimensional objects as molecules Mila’s musical and poetic compositions might be seen as chiral (distinguishable asymmetric) to her choreographic approach. Optic Veil Optic Veil uses analog and digital video hardware to create dreamy-like patterns and shapes that morph as they follow the sound. Inspired by the cinematography of Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman, she is especially interested in creating illusions of visual perception and time distortion.


MENION + A-li-ce / (MIND) WAVES - Live AV session

A-li-ce & Menion collaborate for the first time tonight for a special improvisation session based on their common interest for connections between our minds, our memories, and its visual and musical respresentations. The sound concept is based on an analogue processing of the electric guitar to transform the identity of the original source, creating pulsing textures that build evocative and suspended atmospheres. A-li-ce builds hybrid visual landscapes using biological structures' drawings and rough video footages to create a memory puzzle. Get ready for a surprising live session !

About MENION + A-li-ce

Sahar Homami is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Montreal. Born and raised in Tehran, she discovered calligraphy at a young age and obtained the Mastery level in Persian calligraphy by the age of 18. Then pursued 3 years of engineering in Material Science, moved countries and completed a B.F.A in Computation Arts, in her second home in Montreal, Canada. As a consequence of this chosen path, she often finds herself researching and exploring, expressing her ideas through multi-media platforms: video/animation direction, real-time visuals, analogue/digital calligraphy, and photography/videography. Her projects are inspired by an ongoing research on the intersection of art, science, spirituality and technology; focused on being the process and seeing in relationships. Our inner universe is concealed to us much like the outer world. The visual communication can be utilized as a medium to traverse certain inner and outer worlds simultaneously and diminish the seeming barriers. She invites the spectator to perceive, reflect, ponder or conceivably challenge themselves. Employing the tools accessible to us today, she dissolves the boundaries and hopes to expand our art of seeing. Menion is a project created by Stefano Ferrari - Guitarist, Producer and Composer. The project originates from the need of telling stories, experiences and impressions through sounds. His music brings together visionary Electronic and Post Rock, with Glitch and Ambient influences. Menion's performances range from Ferrari's solos to full band concerts and stage collaborations. His sound has been influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Christian Fennesz, Alva Noto and many others. Menion does not feel compelled to experiment or display an aseptic avant-garde taste; what he's eager to do is to share and research his own art, experiencing music as an opportunity for self-improvement. A-li-ce (FR - Berlin) is a video artist creating mainly her visual worlds into the performative and the installation fields. She composes her works with some traditionnal techniques such as drawing, mixed together with video and digital creation tools to create her bybrid collages in motion. Her work questions the key moments of lifechange: how to overcome the moment of the fall, and how to live in critical times. Inspired by micro and macro biological systems, she deconstructs our social and inner mind structures to propose some potential stories to live through, using dramaturgy as a weapon to create what she calls » live organic editing » in her performances. A-li-ce has showcased her work in many international audiovisual festivals and art institutions (Mapping Festival (CH), Mira Festival (ES), Vidéoformes (FR), RoBOt Festival (IT), etc.), with solo and collective projects. Concerned by transmission, she also teaches in art universities and spaces across Europe, leading courses on live video creation processes, including Spektrum since 2017. In Berlin, she is part of the audiovisual art curation team Scope Sessions, and co-founded in 2017 the VJ Open Lab community which offers a monthly meeting to the media artists in Spektrum. Engaged with gender issues and ecology, she recently took part to the international Symposium Trans//Border, organized in Marseille (Mucem, FR), and dedicated to the media theory researcher Nathalie Magnan and the work of the philosopher Donna Haraway.


Guy Briller + Georg Werner / Hoshen - upcycling illumination

Audioreactive light installation - Originally Hoshen was a wearable sacred object that was used by the high priests in ancient jewish ceremonies.

About Guy Briller + Georg Werner

Georg Werner, born 1980 in Dresden, and on the search for sounds and ways of making them ever since. Obtained a degree in cultural studies and aesthetic practice at the University of Hildesheim, studied experimental media design at the UDK Berlin and was a master student in sound art with Ulrich Eller at the HBK Braunschweig. As of 2007, he has been teaching courses on issues concerning sound art, sound installation and integrating technological artefacts into art-related contexts. Furthermore, he continues to work with various theatre groups. His work is characterised by the creative use of technology, found objects and spaces, which he modifies to change how they are perceived