December 13th, 2018

  • nature
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Innative Lab / Phygital Immersive Experiences

For Scope #78 INNATIVE LAB will introduce their artistic research on the phenomenon of interconnection between humans and with nature, focused on the study of ancestral practices and the use of cutting-edge sensing technologies. An insight into the interdisciplinarity within the combination of Neuroscience, Visual Arts and Performance Art.

About Innative Lab

Founded in 2017 in Berlin, INNATIVE LAB aims to create immersive experiences through the connection of art and sensing technologies. Parting from the fields of contemporary dance, performance art, neuroscience, audiovisual art and FashTech, INNATIVE LAB thinks of its experimental collaborations as ways of overcoming the barriers between disciplines. Its first performance, DEEP WAVES, adapts ancestral rituals with today’s technology to explore primal ways of connecting; ancient knowledge of influencing neuronal activity joins modern approaches of neuroscience.

Artist video

Matt Gingold (aka Helen Back aka gameover/hack) / The Complaints Department

The talk will cover transitions, New Work und die Zukunft!****CONTENT WARNING FOR THIS TALK**** Some content may trigger mental health issues, cause epilepsy and/or offend viewers sensitive to pornographic, stroboscopic, psychedelic or traumatic audio visual material.

About Matt Gingold (aka Helen Back aka gameover/hack)

Matt Gingold (aka Helen Back aka gameover/hack) is a trans-feminist artist, producer, curator, critic and coder. Emerging from a multiplicity of Melbourne’s queer, drug and techno scenes in the 90s, they have established their multiple identities in political activism, open source coding, community engagement, real-time media systems, interactivity, installation and perceptual experimentation. Their work has been performed, exhibited and awarded widely including a Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction and a Green Room Award for Best Video Design. They have also received numerous honorary fellowships in the area of computer vision, machine learning and dance/somatic intelligence. Since 2015 they live and work from Berlin and Halle (an der Saale), DE.

Artist video