January 10th, 2019

  • communication
  • Habituation

Pierre Depaz / Computed Discourses

This talk will use the pretext of an overview of work, from public to personal, professional to amateur and artistic to technical, to circle around the concept of the languages and communication, both human and machine -stretching from formal grammars to code poetry.

About Pierre Depaz

Pierre Depaz is an educator, artist and programmer from France. He's taught at NYU and CUNY and is currently teaching at Film-Universität Babelsberg. He is interested in the multiple ways computers are attempting to represent and interface with human concepts and emotions. His academic research revolves around simulation, semantics and public organization through technological means, while his artistic practice includes digital games, computer simulations, interactive installations, networked performances and experimental web projects, and has been exhibited in NYC, Paris, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Brussels and Berlin.


Selcuk Artut / Recent works

At Scope, Artut will be presenting his recent works that encompass his academic and artistic production, including some insights about his new coming exhibition in Berlin named 'Habituation'.

About Selcuk Artut

Selcuk Artut's artistic research and production focus on theoretical and practical dimensions of human-technology relations. Artut's artworks have been exhibited at Dystopie Sound Art Festival (Berlin, 2018), Moving Image NY (New York, 2015), Art13 London (London, 2013), ICA London (London, 2012), Art Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2011), Istanbul Biennale (Istanbul, 2007), and received coverage at Artsy, Creative Applications, CoDesign, Visual Complexity, CNN GO. He holds a Ph.D. in Media and Communications from European Graduate School, Switzerland. Currently, Artut is the head of the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabanci University, Istanbul where he mainly teaches Sound and Interaction Courses. He has been releasing several albums as a member of a Post-Rock Avangard music band Replikas since 1998. In 2016, he founded with Alp Tuğan, an audio-visual performance group named RAW which produces works through creative coding and live-coding techniques. Artut is artistically represented by Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul.

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