October 10th, 2019

  • computer art
  • chance
  • creative ai
  • being human
  • feeling akward
  • creating a community
  • virtual reality

Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri / Chance, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Art

Fabrizio Poltronieri is an artist who explores the relationship between technology and deep-rooted philosophical concepts, such as chance. His current artwork involves Artificial Intelligence, applying machine and deep learning techniques to create and design narratives, moving images and objects. Poltronieri dedicates his artistic and academic research to the development of creative computing. He is a self-taught programmer who started to code during his childhood. His first degree was in Maths, he has a Master Degree in Education and Culture and holds a PhD in Semiotics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP). Poltronieri is a senior lecturer and permanent member of the IOCT (Institute of Creative Technologies) at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, supervising PhD students and teaching creative code in the Digital Arts MA. His theoretical texts and essays are often published in international books and journals, such as the Revista Brasileira (Brazilian Academy of Letters). He has written chapters for the books Rethinking gamification and The permanence of the transient: precariousness in art, of which he was also the co-editor. He is also the co-author of the book Explorations in art and technology and winner of the Itaú Rumos Arte Cibernética 2011 award with the Amigóide robot. In 2018 he won this prize again to develop the artwork “Apparatus’ Memories”.


Rita Eperjesi / How to feel slightly less akward as a human in virtual and non-virtual realities

Rita Eperjesi is a Berlin/Budapest based Hungarian new media artist/art director. She is the founder of the Creative Code community in Budapest, won several competitions for young creatives in advertising, and works with virtual reality in her free time. What she cares about the most are humans, technology and ideas. And the combinations of these: ideas moving humans. humans connecting to other humans. machines making better humans. robots generating ideas. She also likes shiny textures, bubbles an clouds.

Artist video