November 1st, 2019

  • computer art
  • noise
  • touchdesigner
  • environment
  • interdisciplinary
  • media art
  • identity

David Leroy / Simplex

David Leroy is a French/German Media and Light artist. He specialized in realtime based applications using the Canadian software TouchDesigner. After studying and living in Weimar, he recently moved to Berlin where he based his studio at the Node Institute in Neukölln. David will present a theoretical & historical introduction into Ken Perlin and his Noise that shows its huge influence on the computer graphics history. In the second half, he presents a five part result his recent exploration into Noise. The last is a series of five prints 100x140 cm mounted on Alu-Dibond that I will be hanging in Somos gallery to view during the Scope Sessions evening.


Kat Austen / Where do I stop / Where do I start?

Kat Austen is a person. In her artistic practice, she focusses on environmental issues. She melds disciplines and media, creating sculptural and new media installations, performances and participatory work. Austen’s practice is underpinned by extensive research and theory, and driven by a motivation to explore how to move towards a more socially and environmentally just future. Working from her studio in Berlin, Austen is Artist in Residence at the Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, University College London and Teaching Fellow at UCL Arts and Sciences. She was an inaugural member of the London Creative Network and is co-founder of the DIY Hack the Panke collective in Berlin. Her talk will cover topics ranging from sound art, climate crisis, working with voices and interdisciplinarity, to identity, boundaries, transformation, experimental sound, performance, chemistry and water.