December 5th, 2019

  • audiovisual
  • installations
  • nannou
  • Rust
  • creative coding
  • interactive
  • dance
  • kinect
  • openFrameworks
  • creative coding

Mind Buffer / Generative Audiovisual

MindBuffer is a nine year collaboration between Dr. Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine. The pair have traveled and worked together extensively on a wide range of audiovisual and interactive projects around the world. They are also the authors of the open-source Rust creative coding framework called Nannou. Recent work includes smart mirror installations for IBM’s Watson, multiple 15-year audiovisual installations for Melbourne Museums’ ScienceWorks, architectural projection mapping with network-synchronised audio for RMIT University and collaborations with renown artists including Playmodes, Rob Clouth, Andy Thomas, Trifonic and many more. MindBuffer's talk will be about their work with creative coding, audiovisual generative design, synchronisation, realtime, immersive installations and their creative coding framework 'Nannou'.

Artist video

Ramses Salas / Video interactive graphic projections

Ramses Salas is a Web/Software Developer based in Berlin and graduated from Charles III University of Madrid in 2016. Member of the Dance and Technologies laboratory at the same University during 2016 and 2017. He has collaborated in the creation of video interactive pieces presented as part of contemporary dance performances at Conde Duque Madrid Cultural Centre and the theater of the University of León. Ramses will talk about his work in creating visual art, computer graphics, interactive projections using tools such as Unity, OpenFrameworks and Kinect.